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Continuous processing lines in Stephan quality®

Salad Creams
Baby food
Hospital Food
Vegatable puree
Cream Soups


Constant product quality due to precise process control

Continuous processing enables high production capacities at high precision. The Stephan® Conti-Lines are based on a modular concept. Customer specific solutions are designed by combining these modules according the project requirements.

Due to the high degree of automation the operating effort is minimized. A precise process control system ensures a constant product quality.

Advantages for your production
High degree of automation
Constant product quality
Precise process monitoring
Minimized manpower
Safe production
Excellent CIP cleanability
Customizes Solutions
Turn Key Solutions


See the processes
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Processes :
Mass proportional metering Continuous mixing Emulsifying Homogénéisation Homogenising
Direct heating
Indirect heating Cooling

Mayonnaise Salad Creams KetchupSaucesCream SoupsSalsasBaby food Hospital Food
Vegetable puree Soups

Applications and processing steps

Design of the continuous processing line®

As the Stephan® Conti-Lines are based on a modular system, they can be combined according to the customer requirements.
In the basic system liquids are metered mass proportional and mixed continuously. The Stephan Microcut® can be integrated for inline homogenising.
The product can be heated indirectly by heat exchangers or indirectly by the Stephan direct steam injection techniques. The systems are CIP-cleanable.

Example for compact Stephan toato ketchup line :

See a Conti-Line Stephan®

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Key componen t: Stephan® Continuous Cooker

The Stephan® Continuous Cooker consists of a high shear mixer with direct steam injection nozzles. The product is heated instantly by steam condensation.
Burn-on is avoided. The short heating time is colour and flavour protecting.
Advantages for your production :

Instant heating
Avoiding of burn-on
Processing of particulates
Flavour saving process
Colour saving process
Minimized residuals

Features :

Direct steam injection nozzles
Emulsifying or mixing tools
Heating up to 96 °C
Controlled through put
Controlled temperature
Short heating times
Variable rotor speed

Stephan® Conti-Line Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise basically consists of an aqueous phase and an oil phase.
Egg yolk or egg yolk powder is used as an emulsifier.
Continuous processing lines for mayonnaise include mass proportional metering of the liquid, pre-mixing and dispersing of the powders and emulsifying.


Example : Low Fat Mayonnaise

The application

Voir exemple mayonnaise allégée




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Options : Conti-Line CL 5000 & Conti-Line CL 10000

Emulsifying module Indirect Heating module Drum discharging module
Direct Heating module Cooling module Data management system

Documentations and high resolution photos

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Conti-line at the Interpak exhibition





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