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Classical sauces
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The Vacutherm® System is a compact process unit. It has been designed mainly for the production of convenience food. Several process steps are combined in one machine. The processing of liquid and solid ingredients can be done as well as incorporation of particles.

The Vacutherm® System of Stephan® has been developed and optimized with the collaboration of convenience foods manufacturers. Precisely controlled processes result in high product quality and repeatability. The highly flexible system produces a wide range of food products.

Advantages for you production

Stable emulsions
Short batch times
Gentle as well as effective heating
Constant specific weight

Optimal powder dispersing
Homogenous mixing
Oxidation is avoided
Constant product quality

Good Cleanability

Easy to operate


Options : production traceability, many registered recipes, maintenance assistance

Design of the Vacutherm® System

The compact system combines several process steps in one machine. These are mixing, dispersing, size reduction, heating, cooling, pasteurizing, deaerating and emulsifying. The processing of liquid and solid ingredients can be done as well as incorporation of particles. Furthermore products can be processed hot as well as cold.

The base components of the process system are a tilted, vacuum tight mixing vessel with integrated mixing arm and an external homogenizer (rotor-stator). The specific geometry of the vessel and the mixing arm allow for effective and gentle mixing of the ingredients at the same time. The external homogenizer is used for emulsification and size reduction. A pump connected at the lowest point of the vessel circulates the product through the homogenizer and back into the vessel.
The homogenizer, a rotor-stator-system, can be used for a wide range of applications.

Beside homogenizing liquids it can be used for dispersing powders into liquids. When emulsification and homogenization is finished particles can be added into the vessel. They are blended gently with the liquid by the mixing arm. The product can be heated up either by direct steam or indirect through the double jacket of the system. The recirculation pump can be operated as a discharge pump as well. An integrated vacuum system completes the system. It consists of a vacuum pump and a control unit. The ingredients can be fed into the system either by under pressure or by special metering systems.

The Vacutherm System can be operated manually as well as automatically. Beside machine operation, recipe management and process flow data are included in the automation system. Parameters such as metering, mixing, emulsifying and homogenizing times, temperature curves, vacuum level as well as discharge times are controlled and regulated.

See the processes
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Processes :
Mixing Emulsifying DispersingSize reduction Direct + indirect heating Deaereting (Vacuum)

Applications :
Ketchup Dressing Dips Baby food Classical sauces Pasta-sauces Soup

Oil metering system
Vinegar metering system Dry compoments hopper Liquid compoments vessel
Buffer tank

Applications and process steps

Components of the STEPHAN Vacutherm® System

Image 1 : Veesel with mixing arm and steam nozzles
Image 2 : Homogenizer (Rotor-Stator)
Image 3 : Reciirculating/discharge pump

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Documentations and high resolution photos

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Presentation of the machine
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